Project M 2016: Kyle Smith

Meet Kyle Smith


5/23/16: Staying alive. Literally, not the Bee Gee's version. This week's challenge was to write a song about a location, and then follow it up with our signature song. This week's inspiration was from a trip my wife and I made to Ireland last year, and how the early-summer in Wisconsin reminds me of the green, rolling farmland across the pond, where the culture revolves around music, dance, stories and other good craic. Last week of Project M...time to bring it home!

5/16/16: Week 4 and still alive. This weeks' challenge was to write a song about pity. Pity, to me, especially self-pity, is one of my least favorite emotions out of the full gamut. Empathy? Sympathy? Sure, but pity really holds no weight and serves no purpose. This week's song takes place in a dimly lit bar, where the patrons sit around and feel sorry for themselves, confused why the world is out to get them. Should be a nice pick me up for the evening! 

5/9/16: This week's challenge was to draw inspiration from a picture of a woman, walking away from the camera along a misty road. Fighting the initial inkling to write a sad love song about a woman walking away, which has been done thousands of times over...mostly by Air Supply...I decided to draw inspiration from the elements around the woman. Everything in the picture is transitionary, in a state of flux. You can't tell if she's walking way from or to something. You can't tell if it's dusk or dawn, whether it's warm or cold. The fog itself is indecision between liquid and gas, and often symbolizes mental unrest. This week's song is about indecision and transition, and it's called "Stasis."

4/25/16: After learning music early on in my life, by means of piano, guitar, bass, trumpet, percussion and the like, I started writing music at the age of 13, with an incredible medley detailing the rise and fall of Mayan culture for Western Civilization class in high school. After spending a few years in a rock band, and a few more in a metal-core band (complete with gorgeous, black-dyed hair and studded belts), my style of songwriting has settled down into a folk/bluegrass vibe, with hints of indie and rock, Counting Crows meets Gregory Alan Isakov. Apart from writing songs solo in my off time, I spent a good amount of my time and energy with Emerald Grove, an award-winning folk/bluegrass band based out of Madison. 

I am looking forward to Project M forcing deadlines on the songwriting process, and forcing creative output that will inspire creativity in all aspects of my musical trade. I'm additionally excited to work with other talented musicians and watch them grow throughout the competition, and keep those connections throughout the rest of our careers.