Soul Miner

Soul Miner is the collaboration of Americana songstress Briana Hardyman and veteran guitar slinger Tim Hintz.  Hardyman and Hintz crossed paths throughout the years as members of notable country, rock, and original groups and had often discussed creating a “dream” project with the classic flavors of soul, rock, country, and blues.  It’s taken nearly a decade, but Hardyman and Hintz’s someday plan has come to fruition in Soul Miner. 

Raised in rural Wisconsin, Briana Hardyman honed her musical passion and craft as a songwriter, session Vocalist, and front woman in Nashville, TN.  After achieving regional success with Americana Rock duo “Good Souls”, Hardyman was offered an opportunity to tour the greater UK as s solo artist.  After several UK tours, Hardyman returned to Nashville and began work as a recording session vocalist.  In 2012 Hardyman returned to southern Wisconsin to fulfill her dream of earning a graduate education in mental health & addiction studies.  In 2014 Hardyman graduated with a MSE in counseling psychology and re-immersed herself in the Madison area music community.  Hardyman currently continues performing live and in studio and has also collaborated with respected local artists such as Mauro Magellan, Mark Gruenenfelder, The Playground of Sound, The Trailor Kings, Beth Kille, Eric Nofsinger, and Michael Massey.

For nearly thirty years, the guitar has been a part of Tim Hintz’s being.  Born in Southern Wisconsin, Hintz was raised on and influenced by the soulful bend of the Delta Blues, the electric charge of classic rock, and the simple cry of three chord country.  Hintz has lit up many of the regions largest stages and festivals in several notable regional projects including BobRocks, The Eric Nofsinger Band, Reloaded, The Cheaters, and many more.  Hintz is currently based out of Sauk City actively performing and recording with selected projects. 

Hintz and Hardyman are humbled and honored to share Soul Miner and the genuine experiences and musical passion the project represents with Triple M.  Thank You!

Week 1:

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