The Beatles

Babe What Would You Say--World's Worst iPod

Not too many people remember the name Hurricane Smith, or his big hit song "Babe What You Say." Is it because it sounds like Carol Channing? Is it because oldies stations have ignored this amazing song? I won't speculate. But I will tell you that it made it to #3 on the Billboard charts in the...
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5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sir George Martin

"Of all the arts, music is the most sublime, and touches the heart of every human being." ---Sir George Martin, in the introduction to his book Making Music. Beatles fans are celebrating the life today of a man who changed the world of popular music, without singing a single note. Martin, who died...
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5 Things You May Not Know about George Harrison

George Harrison was the lead guitar player of the Beatles and is often called the Quiet Beatle, because he wasn't as noisy as the other ones. He was the most musically adventurous, introducing elements of Indian music to his songs. George was born this week in 1943, so he's our FRiday feature and...
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