Ben Sidran

guitar hand

Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 1/19/20

Not everybody was watching football Sunday night, right? Here's the latest Local Hour playlist. "Winter Time" by the Steve Miller Band . He's got an honorary degree from the University of Wisconsin. "Tangled Up In Blue" by Ben Sidran . From an album called Dylan Different. "You're My Desire" by...
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Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 8/25/19

Quite the lineup of tunes this week on the Local Hour! "Mother Popcorn" by James Brown , featuring Funky Drummer Clyde Stubblefield. Do you think Clyde should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Sign the petition here. "Junk In the Trunk" by Paul Filipowitz. From Live! Recorded at the...
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Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 8/18/19

The music spanned a 40-year spectrum on this show! "Ashes To Bloom" by the Mascot Theory. From the album Dawn and What Comes After. Check out their Kickstarter campaign here, and see them at MIddelton's Good Neighbor Fest Saturday at 12:30. "Soundtrack of My Life" by the Beth Kille Band. They're at...
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