Here's how you stream a giant robot fight!

It’s USA vs Japan in a battle to scrap. On Tuesday, October 17th, you can pop over to Twitch and stream a battle of giant robots smashing the bolts out of one another. This is like every dream 12-year-old me had growing up watching the crappest mech movie ever that I still very much love: Robot Jox...
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Rivers Cuomo of Weezer live performance

Watch Rivers Cuomo of Weezer Sing in Japanese for Uniqlo Commercial

According to Stereogum , Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo and Scott Murphy of punk band Allister teamed up in a new commercial for clothing retailer Uniqlo. The commercial features the duo singing a folksy tune completely in Japanese. Check it out below! Stereogum notes that Cuomo and Murphy have...
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