Trailer Kings

The band, Trailer Kings, features two Madison musicians that have come full circle in this community. Troye Shanks & Tim Bredemus’ stories start in the 80’s when big hair and leather pants were part of the regular stage gear. Troye was founding member of the heavy metal band “Live Wire” which played Sunday nights at the Stone Hearth and every other dive bar in the county. Tim was founding member of the ever popular band “Kicks” and played in rotation at Headliners and Shuffle Inn. It was strange that during this time their paths had never crossed. 

Troye went on to form the Mid-Western Surf Rock band “Gary & The Gators” and had some mild success being featured on two different radio stations on the Madison market. Tim was involved with starting several midwestern rock bands such as “Braven” and “Zaniac”. He was also involved in the “Kicks” revival in the late 90’s. 

They both moved north near the Wisconsin Dells area to raise families and met one day at the New Lisbon IGA. The phrase, “We ought to form a band”, was repeated every time they met for many years until early in 2004 when that last chance meeting ended with a gig. Tim joined “The Troye Shanks Band” and you might say the rest is history but wait, there’s more. 

In January of 2008, “The Troye Shanks Band” became “Trailer Kings” and they set out to change the world. Well, not really change the world so much as change the way they had been playing. After so many years of playing cover songs again and again and again, they wanted something different. They started playing cover songs their own way and added some originality to the familiarity of popular songs. They also added lots and lots of new songs and didn’t worry about playing any particular style of music but played it however it was meant to be played at that exact moment. It was all about having fun. 

As a duo, Tim and Troye collaborated in a trailer park in Mauston WI and recorded the song “Another Day”. This little ditty got them multiple MAMA nominations and many new gigs for “Trailer Kings”. It has also sparked a number of new original songs that Troye has been playing at solo shows the last few years. 

So whether you catch a solo, duo, trio or full band show, there is one thing that is for certain. It won’t be the exact same show you heard last time.  Day-O!