Wise Jennings


Wise Jennings is a husband and wife songwriting duo hailing from the Lake Geneva area that features Jeff and Melissa Weishaar.  They write and perform in the style of Americana/Roots Rock…heavy on the Rock! Wise Jennings released their debut EP, The Year Mama Tried, in August of 2017 followed by their first full length album, Jennings Holler, in February, 2018.

Melissa plays a scaled down acoustic drum set, sings, and plays harmonica.  Jeff plays semi-hollow body electric and acoustic guitar and pedal bass.   Their performances rock with a stripped down sound and an intriguing vibe.  The lyrical themes of the songs are at times dark with a cloak of musical styling that belies the lyric…like a tarantula hiding in cotton candy.   They write about the human experience...simplicity, complication, beauty, stupidity, regret, levity. As artists they hit the mark, celebrate, miss the mark, lament, write and perform more... and repeat...Oh...and never take themselves too seriously.

They love writing and performing and thrive on meeting and supporting fans and other musicians.  They realize that they are just in this really special but fleeting time in their lives and there will be one day in the not so far off future that will be the last time they play.  Until then, their motto is, “we are still alive and we are gonna’ act like it…”



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